Custom light fixtures for luxury interior design projects

Custom interior designs

Lighting design is a fundamental moment in an interior design project. Light can emphasize an aspect of a room and overshadow others, it can create movement and emotion. Light must interact with space and its functions, it must be designed so as to give personality and comfort to a room. We have been collaborating for […]

Games of superposition: Overlap lines

designer lighting

Overlap creations are light sculptures, exclusive Italian glass creations where the interaction of the glass elements creates dynamic effects and suggestions of light. The glass panels are completely worked out by hand and custom-shaped in order to get a perfect fit, without gaps between each segment. Every single glass-part is one of a kind, that […]

Murano Italian Glass: Contemporary and traditional inspiration

Murano italian glass: 3D rendering

Sciabole creations are real light sculptures developed in two contemporary collections with essential lines. The two lines are based on the same concept: handmade Murano glass elements extend into space and create a sense of dynamism and movement. Murano italian glass and metal frame interact, creating a perfect union, in which they complement one another […]

Light Sculptures – design the light with handmade blown Murano glass bubbles and grains

Murano glass

Bolle di vetro and Chicchi are light sculptures suspended in the air, sequences of hand-blown Murano glass creations that fill and animate the space. In these collections design is just an opportunity to put the glass in the forefront, the attention is focused on Murano glass, its shapes, patterns and colors. The simple design of […]

Italian glass from Murano: light, shapes and colors for your living space

Italy glass from Murano

The various lines of Habitat Creative collection develop a concept of customization of the space, combining two-dimensional elements with floral or geometric inspiration, to create lighting solutions allowing as much freedom as possible: you can choose shape, color, pattern, size that you think to be the most suitable for a space and its features. In […]

Contemporary Murano Glass lighting

contemporary murano glass liighting

An Ambient creation is a Murano glass chandelier that fits in perfectly with the space, thanks to the neat design and the perfect geometry of the glass components. It is an adaptable collection, that allows to play on the glass measures to create any form, of any height. The glass elements can have triangular or […]

The Venetian glass chandelier is renewed: Fresco collection

venetian glass chandelier

The Fresco collection is proof of the desire to create an innovative collection that translate into modern terms the traditional Murano glass chandelier, giving a sense of lightness and freshness. The Fresco collection takes two important elements from the Venetian glass lighting: the arms and the leaves, that are the real protagonist of the collection. […]

Touching Contemporary blown glass chandeliers: Ghirigori

Custom blown glass chandeliers - Ghirigori C-E.H.F. 22

The Ghirigori are sets of Murano glass twisted lines. They almost touch each other in space, but they never do it, with a strong visual and dynamic effect. Color plays a leading part in the collection, totally changing the nature of the articles: they can be simple and elegant with soft tones, but they become […]

Italian art glass chandeliers – Venetian art


Light sculptures made with Murano glass panels, completely worked out by hand and custom-shaped in order to get a perfect fit, without gaps between each segment. Every single glass-part is one of a kind, that is why they are individually numbered in sequence to install each glass-part in its right position. Each frame shows a […]

Light sculptures: Murano glass lamp Naga


The magic and refinement of glass blowing in a light sculpture The naga are Vedic and Hindi mythological creatures: snake-gods that have appeared in art and local legends since ancient times, together with greater gods. In Indian tradition, as in many others, the snake is considered a symbol of renewal and rebirth for its ability […]