Contemporary Murano Glass lighting

Contemporary Murano Glass lighting

An Ambient creation is a Murano glass chandelier that fits in perfectly with the space, thanks to the neat design and the perfect geometry of the glass components.

It is an adaptable collection, that allows to play on the glass measures to create any form, of any height.
The glass elements can have triangular or quadrangular bases, forming a 45 or a 90 degree angle (it depends on the article). One or the other glass cut changes the final result: the cut 90 degree angle cut creates an effect of clean break between matter and space, while the 45 degree angle makes the separation smooth and gentle.

Contemporary Murano Glass Lighting: Hand-Made Chandeliers

The Ambient solutions are impressive points of light, really versatile thanks to their smart design, making them suitable for use both in contemporary spaces both in traditional rooms.
Our price list offer many options but variations are possible and upon request we can develop and produce custom lighting solutions.




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