The thought becomes light

The items introduced on these pages represent only an example of the ways
Glass and Glass – Murano can shape your ideas.
Our team, after gathering all the requirements of our clients, can design
bespoke Venetian glass chandelier and make them real, making precious and one-of-akind items.

Your idea takes shape.

Glass and Glass – Murano creates beautiful and functional lighting  articles to improve the quality of any environment. Our long experience in the sector and our ability to forge and work glass into special shapes for lighting, have made the company a strong and reliable presence in the market, offering finely crafted creations and a wide range of items.

Along with classic models from the Venetian tradition, Glass and Glass – Murano also produces articles with a decidedly modern touch, in line with the evolution of the market and the tastes of a diverse public.

The glassworks masters of Glass and Glass – Murano, working  together with the workshop, assembly, research and technology specialists, produce collections of perfect integrity, testing both the materials used and  the finishes, within strict parameters of functionality and safety.

Glass and Glass  – Murano boasts a wealth of manufacturing experience, guided by innovative company know-how which has proven especially useful in the “contract” sector, and in the realization of special lighting projects far above industry standard, proposing targeted and highly specialized solutions. With its impressive manufacturing versatility, the professionalism of its workers, the speed of execution and on-time delivery, Glass and Glass – Murano has been able to distinguish itself in this most prestigious of markets, supplying an efficient service based on collaboration to a wide clientele and to numerous professionals.

Our mission is to create beautiful and functional products: unique pieces that add value to spaces and satisfy the requests and expectations of our clients.

This is what drives us through each phase of production Glass and Glass – Murano collaborates in many jobs with the famous and majors world architects and interior designers. In many hotels, banks, company offices, public buildings and important residences in Europe and around the world, original fixtures and lighting systems carry the name of Glass and Glass -Murano.


Our commercial team, in synergy with our technical team, carefully analyzes the needs of our clients with respect to the esthetic, and to the functional and  budgetary aspects in order to offer the best solutions price-wise and product-wise.

Each request is followed by one or more proposals including a price quotation and a first visual form (hand-sketch or CAD drawing) that can be modified if needed, to reach the final approval of the customer.

Our two catalogs, black and white, include about 800 pages of standard products but also examples of custom products, which gives a clear-cut idea of our skills in developing the most diverse solutions.

On request, we can also develop totally new products, following the entire production process. Our archive contains lots of custom projects fulfilled over the years and if needed we can propose them to our clients.

This versatility is possible due to a team of experienced technical designers and the competence of our glass masters.


The designing stage represents a fundamental moment in the production process, for this reason Glass and Glass-Murano can count on a team of internal designers who follows the technical features of any request.

Each detail is discussed, taken into account and developed after the final approval to achieve a definitive drawing (shop drawing or architectural drawing) in order to start the production of the glass and the metal samples for the client to approve.

The task of the designers faces the complications of the typical non-industrial production, in particular it must be considered that there is no 100% consistency  in the fine details, dimensions and shape of the glass parts as they are hand-made.

This is to be considered as a value, a witness of the craftsmanship.

Also the metal structure is designed keeping in mind this peculiarity of production granting the needed flexibility to deal with the slight differences of glass.



Our glass masters, thanks to a millennial tradition, and to their competence and professional skills,  give shape to glass, in an entirely artisan process.

The challenge of combining the old Murano techniques with the research and innovation in order to adjust them to modern products is taken daily by our workforce.

The result of this process are refined, original and high-quality products that embellish any space in which they are exposed.


The suppliers we deal with for the production of the metal structures are local, reliable and they share with us our high standards of quality and safety.

Their work is constantly supervised by our technical department in all the steps of the production, both for the standard frames and the custom ones.

The frames of our products are safe and versatile: they not only represent the foundations of the design of our products, but they also offer the right flexibility to house the natural, small inconsistency of handmade glass thanks to peculiar technical solutions such as the creation of complex mechanisms.

In addition, to grant high levels of precision, we use always more frequently the laser technology.

Glass and Glass products are a right combination of traditional glass making techniques and complex mechanic technologies.


Testing and Packing


Each new product we decide to introduce into our collection is subject to strict controls; the tests, run by specialized laboratories in team with our technicians, allows us to grant high-end quality and safety. The quality control tests cover all the components:

  • Glass parts

We test every glass component, check its quality and verify its accuracy with respect to the tech drawing. One of the tests we run consists of verifying the annealing of the glass, this makes us sure of the resilience of the glass to thermal and mechanic stress. To run this test we use a particular optic equipment.

  • Metal parts

The metal components are checked to verify the matching to the technical drawing, the suitability of the materials and the perfection of the finish.


Before the delivery all our products are thoroughly controlled. Our technical department checks all the components (glass and metal) in a very strict way in order to grant the aesthetic look (color, dimensions of the glass and metal parts, glass quality etc..) and the functional characteristics (electrical test, solidity tests).

Each product is, in addition, assembled for a last design-test before shipment. Once all the tests are passed, our products are ready for shipment, our packing department will proceed with an adequate packaging to grant the safety of the product during the shipment.

Each items is supplied with an installation manual and care instructions; if required the glass components are numbered in order to make the assembly easier.

The art of Murano glass is known all over the world; this is the reason why we produce Murano glass chandeliers that we sell on all continents! If you are looking for a italian glass chandelier,  in particular venetian glass chandelierGlass & Glass is your solution!

After-sales service

Our commitment is to grant the high standards of the products but of our service too.

Once the project is fulfilled, we are available for any of our clients’ needs such as the supply of replacements even years later.