The thought becomes light

The items introduced on these pages represent only an example of the ways
Glass and Glass – Murano Srl can shape your ideas.
Our team, after gathering all the requirements of our clients, can design
bespoke solutions and make them real, making precious and one-of-akind items.

Your idea takes shape.

Two catalogues, never-ending inspirations

Black and white, the most elegant and versatile colours, they are never in contrast with each other they fulfil themselves becoming, as in an artistic picture, a background to introduce the collections designed and signed by Glass and Glass – Murano Srl.

Inside the “White” catalogue. new and refined lighting products enrich the already large offer of the “Black” catalogue, creating a huge variety of choices for any kind of location and any need of our client. Never-ending inspirations taking shape with glass.

Lighting and dècor, tradition and refinement, attention to the detail and a glance to the contemporary, aesthetic and functionality: inside the “Black” and “White” catalogue there can be found all the colours and the shades of Glass and Glass – Murano Srl who, thanks to their experience, include this skilful play of elements in these picture-books that can be consulted both for the most refined settings and the special occasions.

Inside the new “White”, same as in the former “Black” catalogue, you can find the quality of the standard items and of the bespoke ones, custom-tailored according to specific dimensions, finishing and the choice of materials. These features let Glass and Glass – Murano Srl lighting fixtures to be preferred in prestigious markets and installed in classy and luxury places

Glass & Glass, “Black” & “White”.

The professionalism of art and the dedication of the artisans combined with the love for beautiful things.

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