Design by Carlo Nason & Antonio Ventimiglia


Discrete Perfection

The contemporary design and the perfect geometry of the glass components define this timeless series

Ambient 2

The evolution of Ambient

Innovation in the shapes and craftsmanship of the glass form the base of a versatile collection that combines the classic and the modern


The suggestions of nature

Series inspired by the world of nature. Murano glass is treated and shaped into cylindrical forms, arranged in compositions to maximize the decorative effect

Bolle di vetro

Capricious spheres

Blown glass spheres that float in the air. The dynamic effect is amplified by the direct light hitting the glass, creating shades of light, multi-formed and iridescent


The power of lightness

Impalpable ovoids of blown glass animate the space. The diverse colors and variety of finishes increase the sense of dynamism that distinguishes this collection

Traditional Venetian chandeliers

The elegance of tradition

The classic chandeliers in Venetian glass for a timeless elegance

Contemporary Venetian chandeliers

Updated Tradition

The design is contemporary but the elegance of the Venetian chandelier and the master craftsmanship of the glass remain unchanged


Standard types and custom-made

Infinite interpretations of decorative glass for a series that gives elegance and refinement to any environment


Cascades of glass

Glass discs with a double personality: sober on the transparent border, vivacious on the colored interior. Discs allow us to play with the glass, creating the largest variety of compositions: great curtains and small suspensions for a decorative effect, unusual and lively


Spiral of glass

Elongated and embracing glass forms create abstract installations, rich in movement. The series consists of both small compositions and grandiose chandeliers, enriched by spheres of blown glass


Floral Symphonies

Precious bouquets that soften the environment

Four Seasons

Artistic lights in common spaces

Small suspensions and ceiling fixtures designed to furnish, in a refined and discrete way, the communal areas of hotels and restaurants


Refreshing elegance

The concept of the Venetian chandelier is renewed. The delicate and original forms give new spirit to spaces


Infinite solutions

Sequences of elegant glass hooks give life to compositions heterogeneous in form and dimension: luxurious chandeliers, luminous curtains, discreet sconces that trigger the imagination


Intertwined glass

A playful fantasy of lines that almost touch each other in space, bringing to life a series that awakens the emotions and fantasies. Spheres of blown glass decorate some models

Habitat Creative 1

Light, shapes and colors for your living space

A collection inspired by the principles of ikebana. Each piece is designed for those who carefully shape their living spaces into beautiful and personal expressions in order to bring harmony to their daily life

Habitat Creative 2

Light, shapes and colors for your living space

New inspirations give form to the search for beauty, harmony and equilibrium in space

Habitat Creative Round

Light, shapes and colors for your living space

New colors, finishes and lighting effects for the Habitat series. A quest for novel approaches to the expression of harmony and beauty

Habitat Creative Square

Light, shapes and colors for your living space

Compositions of square forms complete the Habitat series. New shapes, finishes and colors to harmonize and personalize your spatial experience


Installation of light

Thin threads support finely decorated glass cylinders, creating compositions of small dimension and/or grand visual effects


A play of material and space

Modular is a system, an occasion to play with material and space. It’s a concept. It’s a versatile solution that fully reflects any requirements: complex compositions, unique and original are brought to life in your imagination

Naga 1

Sculpture of light

Precious installations in glass, individually forged by our glass masters. The harmonious forms, the refined work, the beautiful effects of light render the Naga an ideal solution for any environment

Naga 2

Sculpture of light

Sinuous lines that shape light, in a collection that brings the concept of Naga 1 to its most essential form


Games of superposition

A collection with embracing lines, in its purest form, where the alternation of glass creates dynamic effects and suggestions of light

Overlap 2

The evolution of Overlap

New geometric forms re-consider the original concept of Overlap: to play with the effects of overlapping of glass


The harmony of light

A collection of elegant design. Murano glass, finely worked, becomes a means to create the purest shades of light

Sciabole 1

Precious details

The quest for timeless beauty finds new expression through a collection that marries polar opposites: luxury and sobriety, classic and modern, simplicity of forms and refinement of details

Sciabole 2

The evolution of sciabole 1 – the color

Bold chromatic choices and a pure essentialized design offer new ways to trigger the imagination

Spicchi di arte veneziana

Perfect fit

Unique and inimitable sculpture of light. The glass panes are entirely handmade and custom cut in order to obtain the perfect fit between panels

The Magic Cube

The power of simplicity

Simple geometric lines and a refined treatment of materials to give form to the infinite shades of light

Forme colorate

Collection by request

Color triumphs in a series that gives form to the most beautiful and ephemeral manifestations of nature

Specchi veneziani

The art of Venetian mirrors

The ancient tradition of Venetian mirrors gives life to precious art objects. Each mirror is crafted exclusively by hand, making it unique and inimitable