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Custom light fixtures for luxury interior design projects

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Lighting design is a fundamental moment in an interior design project.

Light can emphasize an aspect of a room and overshadow others, it can create movement and emotion. Light must interact with space and its functions, it must be designed so as to give personality and comfort to a room.

We have been collaborating for years with the most important professionals (interior designers, architects, …), offering our support for development of custom lighting solutions.
A close cooperation was established with Taylor Interiors Studio, London. We recently collaborated with them in several projects. All of them are custom luxury interior design projects of great complexity and undeniable visual impact. This year, Taylor Interiors Studio was nominated for 3 awards at the 2017 International Design & Architecture Awards, for a project where some of our creations were included.

Project: Superb Art Deco Apartment in Westminster, London

A luxurious apartment in Westminster, designed in Art Deco style, characterized by rich colours, Art Deco furniture, wall coverings and fixtures.

We were asked to create several custom-made, exclusive Murano glass creations to illuminate and embellish these refined rooms.




Master Bedroom: a leaf motif ceiling lamp, glass clear with some sandblasted parts


custom interior designs luxury - interiors


Living room: two polished custom ceiling lamps and three custom pendant lights, similar to an anphora.


custom interior designs


Clear glass and antique brass frame were choosen for both the pendant lights and the ceiling lamps.


luxury interiors


A custom ceiling lamp, characterised by the neat design and the perfect geometry of the glass components of Ambient collection.


Project: Casa Alegra, Marbella, Spain. Winner in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2015, categorie Residential £5 Million Plus (Project Value) and Living Space – Europe


One of the most exclusive villa in the Andalucía mountain area. Set high on a hill, yet designed with flat gardens and grounds, the front is exposed to beautiful sea views, with mountainous vistas to the left of the property. For the entrance hall of this luxurious villa we created a bespoke six-metre long chandelier.


luxury interior designs


This stunning chandelier is composed of 700 pieces of handblown glass in five distinct colours: white, white and clear, clear with silver, light grey.


bespoke luxury murano chandelier


The chandelier weighs 900kg, so the ceiling had to be reinforced.


custom luxury chandelier

Project: Casa Sol, Andratx, Mallorca

A spectacular minimalist villa, an exquisite holiday retreat nestled in beautiful Port Andratx, one of the Mediterranean’s most exclusive resorts.


custom chandelier


Our glass masters realized a luxurious almost two-metre long custom chandelier,


luxury interior design


made of 148 hand-blown Murano glass elements, in six different colours: real silver, light blue, opalino of Murano, dark blue shadow to blue, grey, blue.


luxury interiors


Here a photogallery of our projects:

Games of superposition: Overlap lines

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Overlap creations are light sculptures, exclusive Italian glass creations where the interaction of the glass elements creates dynamic effects and suggestions of light.

The glass panels are completely worked out by hand and custom-shaped in order to get a perfect fit, without gaps between each segment.
Every single glass-part is one of a kind, that is why they are individually numbered in sequence to install each glass-part in its right position.
Each frame shows a punched-in numbering referring to the glass-parts produced and separately encoded.

Now more than ever lighting design is a fundamental aspect of a design in an interior design project.

It’s essential to design task lighting, but also to set the mood; lighting must fit in a space and interact with its features and its colors.
Our effort is to provide our customers (for example architectural and interior design studies) many alternatives and a wide range of customization possibilities (dimensions, shapes, colors and patterns). Our designers imagined three different glass patterns, to create different light effects.
Both of them marvelously emphasize the refinement of the Murano glass processing. Standard Italian glass colors are two, crystal and gold crystal, but any other color can be produced on request.


This collection is characterized by enveloping forms which outline the space, simple but perfect.
Refined details embellish these handmade glass creations: handmade blown Murano glass bubbles and handmade glass cups enhance the light pendants.
The appreciation for this line inspired our designers to imagine new solutions and to create Overlap 2 collection.


Square shapes characterize the collection, which gives new developments to the game of superposition.
The same refined glass processing techniques give life to creations with a more contemporary design.


Overlap 1 e 2 – Gallery


Overlap 1 e 2 – Test


Murano Italian Glass: Contemporary and traditional inspiration

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Sciabole creations are real light sculptures developed in two contemporary collections with essential lines.

The two lines are based on the same concept: handmade Murano glass elements extend into space and create a sense of dynamism and movement. Murano italian glass and metal frame interact, creating a perfect union, in which they complement one another and enhance their strengths. Sciabole 2 creations are handmade light sculptures with a strong presence in the space, they give it personality and character. Sciabole 1, instead, is a more classic collection that includes handmade and luxuriuos floor lamps and pendant lights. In both collections metal frame interact, creating a perfect union, in which they complement one another and enhance their strengths.

Murano Italian Glass: Sciabole 1 and Sciabole 2

Sciabole 1, elegance and refinement

Sciabole 1 is a collection that never fails to surprise: it’s stylish and simple, classic and modern, simple in design but rich in material and detail at the same time. Significantly, our designers created a color sheets with a predominance of silver and gold decoration on the surface of the glass. Also the metal finish is really lavish: in addition to usual gold/chrome plated finish it’s also offered the possibility to choose the gold/silver leaf.

Sciabole 2, contemporary style and bold colors

Sciabole 2 is an elegant and contemporary style collection, with essential lines. It offers an enormous freedom in chromatic choices, offering the possibility to choose and combine bright colors and to free your imagination.

Both the collections, as all our products, have many standard items, but on request our designers can imagine and design bespoke solutions.



Sciabole 1 collection



Sciabole 2 collection



Sciabole 1 and 2 – Test


Light Sculptures – design the light with handmade blown Murano glass bubbles and grains

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Bolle di vetro and Chicchi are light sculptures suspended in the air, sequences of hand-blown Murano glass creations that fill and animate the space.

In these collections design is just an opportunity to put the glass in the forefront, the attention is focused on Murano glass, its shapes, patterns and colors.
The simple design of these creations allows to highlight the beauty of glass, realized following the traditional Murano techniques.

Both glass bubbles and grains are precious elements made of Murano blown glass, created by our master glassmakers thanks to skillful gestures, floating in the air and held by sturdy but imperceptible wires.
The dynamism of these collections is amplified by the light that caresses the glass, creating varied and iridescent shades.
The modern design makes Chicchi and Bolle creations suitable for any type of room, illuminating a space, giving it elegance and vivacity.

As all our collections, even Chicchi and Bolle have many standard items, but on request our designers can imagine and design bespoke solutions.
Both series, in fact, lend themselves to imagine new creations, custom blown lights with various dimensions, playing on the different sizes of the glass elements, their pattern and color.

Italian glass from Murano: light, shapes and colors for your living space

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The various lines of Habitat Creative collection develop a concept of customization of the space, combining two-dimensional elements with floral or geometric inspiration, to create lighting solutions allowing as much freedom as possible: you can choose shape, color, pattern, size that you think to be the most suitable for a space and its features.
In Habitat 1 collection the inspiration comes from the flowers: the large Murano blown glass plates come one after another, partly overlapping, creating a varied surface.

The beautiful flowers are the result of Italian glass blowing techniques: the glass is blown and then opened by the expert hands of master glassmakers, who use the traditional rigadin (grooved) technique to create the famous decoration, characterized by thin ribs.
This decorative motif is obtained by blowing the glass in a bronze mold, whereas floral shape is created by the glassmasters thanks to their competence and professional skills, in an entirely artisan process.

The flowers can have various shapes (round or oval), decorations (rigadin, rigadin with black border, rigadin with black border and spiral), colors (from clear to bold colors to the colors powder).
Any combination of shapes, colors and patterns, any shape of any size your imagination suggest you, it’s possible: Habitat Creative 1 collection offers you a total compositional freedom.



Contemporary Murano Glass lighting

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An Ambient creation is a Murano glass chandelier that fits in perfectly with the space, thanks to the neat design and the perfect geometry of the glass components.

It is an adaptable collection, that allows to play on the glass measures to create any form, of any height.
The glass elements can have triangular or quadrangular bases, forming a 45 or a 90 degree angle (it depends on the article). One or the other glass cut changes the final result: the cut 90 degree angle cut creates an effect of clean break between matter and space, while the 45 degree angle makes the separation smooth and gentle.

Contemporary Murano Glass Lighting: Hand-Made Chandeliers

The Ambient solutions are impressive points of light, really versatile thanks to their smart design, making them suitable for use both in contemporary spaces both in traditional rooms.
Our price list offer many options but variations are possible and upon request we can develop and produce custom lighting solutions.



The Venetian glass chandelier is renewed: Fresco collection

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The Fresco collection is proof of the desire to create an innovative collection that translate into modern terms the traditional Murano glass chandelier, giving a sense of lightness and freshness.

The Fresco collection takes two important elements from the Venetian glass lighting: the arms and the leaves, that are the real protagonist of the collection.
Each Fresco is formed of the partial overlapping of the leaves, stretching into space and creating precious light effects.

Venetian Glass Chandelier, Tradition and Design

The interchange of the glass leaves creates a sense of harmony and movement, that distinguishes the collection and that guarantees its uniqueness.
The neat design they create derives from a complex study in the designing stage and the competence of our glassworks masters makes it possible to create them: the perfect joint of the leaves is entirely based on the control of their thickness in the production, that is an artisanal process.
Small variations in the dimensions are not only allowed, but rather they are important as they reveal they are handmade.

Minimizing the differences from the project is possible only thanks to the artisanal mastery of our expert glassworks masters.
To ensure the assembly of the product, we pay special attention also to the metal frame, designed and built to support Murano glass and its natural, small variations.

In this collection the metal element is particularly discreet, as the glass leaves cover the frame.
The elegant design makes the Fresco light sculptures a perfect choice for traditional and refined rooms, and the variety of solutions we propose (small and large ceiling lights, impressive chandeliers, small wall lights) allows to put them in any space.
Our catalog shows the collection in the most classic colors (gold, gold leaf, crystal), but it is also possible to choose bright colors.




Touching Contemporary blown glass chandeliers: Ghirigori

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The Ghirigori are sets of Murano glass twisted lines. They almost touch each other in space, but they never do it, with a strong visual and dynamic effect.
Color plays a leading part in the collection, totally changing the nature of the articles: they can be simple and elegant with soft tones, but they become a fantastic explosion pulling together intense tones.

Murano handmade blown glass chandelier Ghirigori C-E.H.F.6

Murano handmade blown glass chandelier Ghirigori C-E.H.F.6

Our Catalogs offer a huge variety of colors: from crystal to mirrored gold and silver, from single-coloured finishes to fading colours, to bi-coloured pasta finishes, but we can create any other color, if requested.

This is because of our overall approach to furniture: we know that color is a critical element of interior design.
When we designed the collection we paid particular attention to the metal frame: since the glass elements are twisted and very close each other, the frame was designed to be flexible.

This guarantees the assembly to be perfect and safe.
Glass elements are created by our master glass masters. They are unique hand blown glass items, and a glass master shows his skill attempting to standardize the size of glass, especially in diameter. Technique and skill together produce great and marvelous results.

The collection includes simple appliques, small suspensions and ceiling lights, but Ghirigori collection has also been chosen for big projects, by customers who wanted custom made Italian blown glass chandeliers.

As an example, the article C E.H.F. 6 was designed and created for a prestigious private residence.





Italian art glass chandeliers – Spicchi d’arte veneziana

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Light sculptures made with Murano glass panels, completely worked out by hand and custom-shaped in order to get a perfect fit, without gaps between each segment.

Every single glass-part is one of a kind, that is why they are individually numbered in sequence to install each glass-part in its right position.

Each frame shows a punched-in numbering referring to the glass-parts produced and separately encoded.
Our subtle production of the glass parts is totally backed up by our unique and inimitable technique in cold-working, shaping and grinding.



Light sculptures: Murano glass lamp Naga

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The magic and refinement of glass blowing in a light sculpture

The naga are Vedic and Hindi mythological creatures: snake-gods that have appeared in art and local legends since ancient times, together with greater gods. In Indian tradition, as in many others, the snake is considered a symbol of renewal and rebirth for its ability to change its skin without dying.

The Naga lamp was commissioned by, and produced for, an important client of Glass and Glass Murano. It was inspired by the sinuous movements of a cobra. In our interpretation, the dangerous animal loses its material characteristics, leaving an idealized structure, elegant and rich in movement – a sculpture of light. The “lamp serpent” presented an opportunity to create an entire, greatly refined, collection inspired by the “Orient”: Naga 1, which starts off the new catalogue White.

The collection is comprised of chandeliers, sconces, and applique, available from the catalogue in a variety of colors from refined crystal to a rich red-gold or blue-silver.
In the collection Naga 2, the forms are rendered even more essential: few lines create objects that are at the same time simple and sumptuous. Naga 2 also offers a complete array of solutions for illumination (chandeliers, sconces and applique) available from the catalogue in a variety of colors, simple or incamiciati.

The models that we have created are many and we believe that we can satisfy all interior design needs: smaller scones and chandeliers are perfectly suited for cozy spaces while more ample models, with multiple levels, can help valorize taller spaces.